Fintech Enabler from Austria (FINTECH ENABLEMENT)

The FinTech Enablement from QENTA

The digital revolution is changing the way customers access financial products and services. The constant spread of technology-driven applications in almost all segments of financial services is the new normal. At the intersection of finance and technology lies a phenomenon that is accelerating the pace of change at a remarkable rate and changing the status quo of the industry – it’s called FinTech.

Technology-driven startups and new entrants are innovating the products and services currently offered by the traditional financial services industry. FinTech is thus gaining considerable momentum and disrupting the traditional financial value chain. Close collaboration between FinTech companies and traditional players in the financial services industry will create benefits and revenue streams on both sides.

Our focus as an Fintech enabler

Together with partners, QENTA will position itself as a trailblazer between FinTech companies and the infrastructure of the traditional financial services landscape. Speed, security and digitization form the core of the QENTA ecosystem. In an environment in which traditional loyalty to financial institutions is waning and barriers to entry by third parties are being reduced, QENTA will combine digitization and regulated processes in a fluid and dynamic effort to facilitate change and provide a payment infrastructure that is based on a legal and compliant framework based.

Solutions as FinTech enablers

  1. Program user (FinTech)
    FinTech-Companies, also small private banks are possible
  2. Credit Card Scheme
    Credit card network and intermediary and entry point for FinTechs
  3. Program Management (QENTA)
    Setup and project management as well as software development
  4. Card processing
    Card production and personalization (procurement of plastic cards, embossing, individualization (PIN), fulfillment)
  5. BIN-Sponsoring
    Providing network access, full financial and compliance obligations / responsible for filing and approving card programs

What makes QENTA special

Thanks to our regional support, which is available for all aspects of payment solutions, by telephone and email with years of experience, we present ourselves as unique in the market. We work with strong partners at our side, with processes that have been optimized for years a base of the highest trust.

How we support you as a FinTech enabler

We develop interfaces to your systems and, as a program manager, ensure that all regulations, such as money laundering guidelines, payment service directives and the obligations specified by the regulators, are complied with. In the project, we mainly work with a regional credit card licensee and with IT service providers who provide credit cards virtually or as plastic cards. This can be any form of credit card: “Prepaid”, “Credit”, “Debit”, etc. In the existing portfolio, we work with our partners to ensure that all payment transactions and invoices run smoothly. Our experienced and local service team is happy to give advise to all credit card users.


If you have any further questions about FinTech enablement, please contact us. We’re glad to help.

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